Tina L. Tomat

Quality Representative

Tina L. Tomat is a seasoned professional with a career spanning over 30 years in accounting, financial practices and reporting. Her expertise is not limited to finance, as she holds certifications as an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 lead auditor, showcasing her commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards. Tina is well-versed in software systems, including QuickBooks, E2 MRP systems, Excel, MS Office, and more. With a quarter-century of experience as a Quality Management Representative, she is a trusted leader in the field.

In her current role as Quality Systems Management Representative, Tina plays a pivotal role in ensuring Tracer’s compliance with industry standards. She manages internal audits, maintains quality records, and serves as a customer liaison, overseeing documentation and delivery requirements. Her achievements include establishing ISO Quality Systems, implementing electronic accounting and MRP systems, and developing human resource guidelines. Tina’s vision is to continue contributing to Tracer’s growth as a premier medical device manufacturer, overseeing office operations and exceeding the demands of the industry. Her commitment to quality and excellence is a driving force behind Tracer’s success.